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New job? — January 31, 2016

New job?

As you may have read in further posts, I have switched jobs twice now. Quit the daycare and went to a local grocery and hardware store. Well, I have applied to another!

A friend of ours had been helping my other half get a job at a steel mill he works at. To my surprise, he actually has applied and waiting to hear back. He has been with his tree job for 8 and going years, so that’s why I’m surprised he applied. He doesn’t like much change. But this would fuel up to a much better opportunity for him and our family. Our friends wife works in our town Head Start and I saw in the local paper that they were hiring for a lead teacher and assistant position. I was so excited! Finally, something has opened up to work with children again! I have missed working with kids SO much. That is why, I applied for the assistant position. The wife, is putting in a good word and I’m waiting to hear back from them as well! With both of us possibly getting new jobs, would be so wonderful. We can not worry so much about money, look further in getting a house of our own and much more.

I’m trying not to get too overly excited, since that tends to make things not work out for us. All we can do is pray for the best and hope this works out in our favor. Fingers crossed!

To work or not to work, that is the question — January 6, 2016

To work or not to work, that is the question

It has been a good while since I last posted. Let’s see if I still have the hang of this.

As I’m sitting here drinking my coffee, watching The Today Show contemplating on whether if I want to go to work or not, an hour before I have to go out the door. I have a toddler hanging onto my sweatpants acting like he has no sense. Another toddler in his room, yelling at the tv watching Spongebob. I think to myself, really? Do I really want to stay at home with these two or do I want to go to work and deal with the crazies? Both of these sound awesome (sense my sarcasm?). I just don’t feel like being an adult today, stay in my pj’s, watch movies all day long and sleep. Now, that sounds awesome!

My job is less than 5 minutes away from my house, but my babysitters (parents), live 10 minutes away. I have to factor in my drive with my kiddos, but I’ll  have time to myself with the 10 minute drive to work. Which is good, if you think about it. But I have to get out of my pjs, get the kids dressed, look presentable and fix my hair. All of these don’t sound so wonderful .

Well, after a 10 minute talk to myself, I’ve decided work it may be. I kind of have to adult today if I want money…darn! :/ If times we’re simpler and I had a sugar daddy to lean on. But I have to be strong and do what I need to do.

Until then, I will continue having a toddler hang onto me while getting ready and listen to my other scream at his tv. All while my coffee is getting cold and I have to “adult”.

Successful day! — May 7, 2015

Successful day!

Yesterday was my first day at my new job. Although, it was exhausting and hectic, I really enjoyed it.

I talked with my mother and she mentioned that is was probably nice to do something different for a change. It would of been 8 years this coming up August working at the daycare. It was my first job at 16, I had one other job on the weekends, but that didn’t last long due to respiratory issues. Working with kids is all I knew. I grew up being shy and didn’t talk much to people. Working with children and talking with parents helped me a lot. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED what I did. Children are my calling, I get them. It became a problem for when I started having my own and seeing how they treated my son.

Now, working with the public is easier. I get to see people I know. Yesterday was actually pretty fun. I’m sure I will start to get exhausted and cranky with it, but for a change,  this is exactly what I needed!

Things are coming together! — May 5, 2015

Things are coming together!

Finally, everything is working out like it should. 

As I’ve said in my recent posts, I became a stay-at-home in February after quiting my job of 8 years. It was bittersweet. I loved my job than no other. My oldest enjoyed going as well. I love being able to stay at home with my children,  but we need a break away from each other!

A month before I quit, I took on a cleaning job for a company for some extra income. I had also been applying for other jobs every…single…day. It was getting tiring and if we didn’t have some of our tax money left, I’m not sure how we would of made it this far. The lady that got me the cleaning job, also got me a house cleaning job.  So I started that about a month ago, every other week. That helps too,  but still not enough income for my part.

I worry every day wondering out we are going to get by each week. I shouldn’t have to worry. My fiance only gets but so much on his check  and also pays car insurance and payment. I feel like I’m not helping enough, which is taking a toll on our relationship. Our main arguments are 95% money issues.

Last week,  my fiance came home from the local convenient store down the road from us that his mother and aunt works at also. He had a smile on his face and said “I think I got you a job” . Found out his aunt is quitting at the store and they are looking for someone to replace her. Yay for me! Today I went and talked with the owners and I start on Wednesday!  I’ve said before that we live in a small country town and everybody knows everybody. You can’t really go anywhere without bumping into a couple few people you know. We go in the store everyday, so it’s not like I’ll be totally lost working there. I’m fairly excited, having income coming through and working with people I know everyday! 

This opportunity couldn’t of came at a better time. Though it’s only 22 hours a week for now, I’m still able to keep my cleaning jobs (I’m quiting the company cleaning and keeping the house) , I’m hoping to get one more house gig and that’d be all I need! 

Things have a funny way of working out when you have patience!  We also are waiting to hear about a house close by that is for rent as well!  Fingers crossed! 

Being an adult stinks! — May 2, 2015

Being an adult stinks!

Growing up really does stink! I became a mother at 21 and at now 24, I’m a mother to two little boys and a fiance. I chose this life and always wonder, ‘what if’ ?

What if I didn’t meet my children’s father?  I would still be running around,  being a rowdy drunken girl. I’d still have friends that only really hung out with me because I drank and didn’t have anything to do. What if I didn’t choose to become a mother so young? I wouldn’t have two beautiful boys and a place I call home. I’d still be living with my parents and going out every night, spending my weekly checks.  What if I got married before having kids?  I would be more happy, sure, but wouldn’t have the life I have now.

More or less, I’m glad I did everything I did. The local mud bog where I met my fiance is tonight. Instead, I’m spending my Saturday with my little family. I may not have friends that I spend time with, but that shows me I wasn’t really a friend, just more of a acquaintance.   I had children, we went our seperate ways and grew up (some did) . I am lucky to speak to a few I used to be apart of. Looking at Facebook pages of them going out every night, looks less appealing to my every night laying on the couch
watching tv with my family. I have a home that I probably couldn’t afford without my fiance. Coming home to my own place is much better than going home to my parents (not that I don’t love them) . I may not be married, but I’m in a good relationship and eventually will become a wife when the time is right. I love how my life turned out to be. I wouldn’t have it any other way! 

One Friday night… — April 26, 2015

One Friday night…

I really cannot express how blessed I am! I have two wonderful, rowdy boys that I couldn’t be more thankful God let me be their mother!

Friday night , I went to a local church that my fiance` aunt invited me to. It was a ” Mom and Me”  Night to celebrate Mother’s Day. There was delicious food, puzzles,  crafts and a photo booth! I had one WONDERFUL night! The best I’ve had in a long time! And, did I mention I got to spend it with my two favorite boys? 

This made me realize how much my family means to me. But if it wasn’t for my own mother, I wouldn’t be the mom or person I am today. She is one of the most important and special women in my life. I couldn’t be happier with how my life is!  :mrgreen:

Behind who I am — April 23, 2015

Behind who I am

Let’s start off by saying, I am a mother of 2, a fiance, and a current stay at home mom. And wouldn’t have it any other way.

I met my now future husband at a mud bog (we live in a small country town) . We weren’t dating for only 3 months when we decided we wanted to start a family. Not my smartest decision, only knowing this guy for 3 months. I became a mom at 21 year’s old.  After all the lies, cheating, ex-girlfriend drama, break ups, crying, crying and more crying, we put our differences aside and almost 4 years later we are still together. We haven’t been this happy in a long time. Other than on and off fussing, I love this man. We had an “oops” and discovered at a sick doctor appointment we were pregnant, again.  2 little, rowdy boys!  I was and am in trouble! But they have changed the lady into the woman I am today.

My first son was by far the easiest. He didn’t give me any trouble,  until the terrible-two’s and soon to be terrible-three’s hit. Lord help me!  It’s an on going, “Don’t do this” , “Put that back” , “I’m going to give you a reason to cry” situation. Every…single…day. I recently quit my job as a Lead Infant Teacher at a local daycare in my town. I was going on 8 years. My first job as a 16 year old. After years of watching coworkers abusing and being darn right mean to the children (even caught her hurting my son) , I walked out in February. Becoming a stay at home mom has took a toll on all of us. Financially and mentally.

My second, and last son, has been my hardest. At almost a month old, he came down with a high fever and couldn’t keep any formula down. After two stays in the hospital,  he had Pertussis (whooping cough)  and diagnosed with Larynogomalacia (floppy larynx) .  My first had Taryngomalacia .  My second child was in the hospital for the first 3 months of his life, on and off. He had whooping cough and respiratory problems. We have struggled with him taking him doctor appointments and pulmonologist. I started a Facebook page while we were in the hospital to pass the time. Now I try to update as much as possible.

With being a stay at home mom, I really am blessed to have the opportunity to see my children everyday, where most parents don’t get to. Sure, it has its downfalls, but I really wouldn’t change a thing. God has given me this path to go on and I’ll be walking as far as He lets. 💙